EITA Consulting's Research, Development & Innovation Center

Established in 2019, this center's mission is to develop methodological and technological innovations to provide added value to our clients in the fields of artificial intelligence, Big Data, IoT, 5G Antennas, and digital transformation.

EITA Consulting's Innovation and Research Center:

Exploring new possibilities for service improvement

EITA Consulting's research, development, and innovation center consist of several university and industrial researchers dedicated to innovation and creating new products aimed at improving current services and developing new ones in its sector.

This center is led by a research director with twenty years of experience in this field, leading a talented team in these technologies.

R&D&I offerings for whom?

EITA Consulting can help various sectors grow their business and boost their sales through its research, development, and innovation services. With a results-oriented approach, EITA Consulting uses cutting-edge research methodologies to help businesses identify and exploit new growth opportunities. The development and innovation services offered by EITA Consulting help companies implement new ideas and technologies to improve their products, services, and operational processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is more than just a technology; it is an operational response to current business challenges that must be constantly aligned with human values. Our agile approach, combined with our technological and business expertise, ensures our clients a successful market launch of their projects. Through our commitment to excellence, we can help them achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

Big Data

Big Data can help improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, increase productivity, and develop new products and services. EITA Consulting's teams work closely with other key departments, such as marketing, sales, and strategy, to ensure that information derived from data is used effectively to achieve business goals.


We believe that opportunities are the keys to innovation, and our research and development department uses IoT to innovate in improving production. It can help optimize production processes by enabling real-time data collection on machines and equipment, predictive maintenance, and quality improvement.

5G Antennas

EITA Consulting uses 5G antennas to explore the possibilities of 5G technology and develop new innovations, such as performance testing. Engineers at EITA Consulting can use 5G antennas to test technology performance and evaluate differences from previous technologies. Development of new applications and compatibility testing: Our engineers can use 5G to test the compatibility of devices and equipment.

Digital Transformation

EITA Consulting helps develop new technologies, improve existing ones, and evaluate technological opportunities to align them with the company's strategy. Digital transformation involves integrating digital technologies into all aspects of a business to improve performance, quality, and efficiency. This may include process automation, implementation of information management systems, optimization of internal and external communication, and the implementation of online platforms for customers.

Cyber Security

EITA Consulting uses cybersecurity to protect sensitive data, trade secrets, and intellectual property from online threats. Cybersecurity is also essential to maintain the integrity of the company's IT infrastructure, ensuring that systems are up-to-date, firewalls and threat detection software are in place, and employees are trained on cybersecurity best practices.

The added value of our services is to design products related to the needs of customers. This center accompanies them from concept to industrialization and helps them in their innovation process. EITA Consulting focuses its expertise on new technologies applied to various business domains: Banking, Insurance, Health, Automotive, Telecom, Cybersecurity. EITA Consulting is a company specialized in information and communication technology (ICT) services. We also offer the possibility of designing Proof of Concepts (POCs) and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for R&D projects according to our clients' requests.

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