EITA Consulting: A commitment to operational excellence and sustainable development

EITA Consulting is proud to present the various labels and certifications it has obtained in recent years. These distinctions reflect our commitment to innovation, sustainable development, and operational excellence.

Different labels obtained:


EITA Consulting has received Ecovadis certification for its commitment to sustainable development. This certification assesses the environmental, social, and ethical performance of companies in areas such as human rights, business ethics, the environment, and work practices.

France innovation

EITA Consulting has been labeled France innovation for its ability to develop innovative products and services. This labeling is awarded by the French government to companies investing in research and development.


EITA Consulting is a member of the Medicen competitiveness cluster, bringing together companies, research centers, and institutions around innovative projects in the health sector.

Jeune entreprise innovante

EITA Consulting has been labeled a Jeune entreprise innovante (JEI) for its innovation potential and commitment to research and development. This labeling allows JEIs to benefit from tax and social advantages.

Hub France

EITA Consulting is a member of Hub France, a network of innovative companies that promotes international cooperation in the field of innovation.


EITA Consulting is a member of Stratexio, a support program for innovative SMEs at the international level, supported by Bpifrance and Business France.


EITA Consulting is a member of Numeum, a network of innovative SMEs in the health sector, promoting cooperation and innovation in France and abroad.


EITA Consulting is a member of Planet-tech, a network of innovative SMEs in the environmental sector, aiming to develop sustainable solutions to preserve the planet.


EITA Consulting has been selected among the Top 100 Toptech, a ranking of the top 100 innovative French companies, established by Frenchweb.

Our commitment to excellence


EITA Consulting: An active member of networks of innovative companies for a sustainable future

The various labels and certifications obtained by EITA Consulting testify to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. We are proud to be part of networks of innovative companies such as Hub France, Stratexio, Numeum, Planet-tech, allowing us to collaborate with renowned partners and exchange innovative ideas to develop sustainable solutions for the future. These distinctions are also the result of our commitment to invest in research and development, implement ethical and responsible practices, and offer our clients innovative and effective solutions to meet their needs. We will continue to work with passion and commitment to maintain our position as a leader in our field and contribute to the economic and sustainable development of our society.







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